Legendary Training

Is the wiki page up to date? What is a complete list of all possible 5*?

The most up to date list on the forums since the last wheel update.


More to the point what are the odds of getting a 5*? I got 3 in a short period a couple of years ago when 5* andrea was op. Nothing since and have 1 tg constantly on legendary.

Anecdotally, I believe it’s on a par with pulls.

But in reality you’ll never know because they don’t have to publish the odds

In a year and a half of constantly running Legendary, I have received 1 5* and that’s puts me somewhere around 1 out of 300.

It’s incredibly low but if I had to guess I would say probably that .03% chance they seem to love.

It’s just not worth it anymore for that small chance you might get one of the few ascendable toons from it. Better to just start moving them over to 2-star training. That’s what I have been doing every level up for food and to keep the timers going.

I got blue Tyrees from there a couple weeks ago. 3 5* in the last couple of months. Nothing else

I only run legendary cos there’s museum toons there you can’t get anywhere else.

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