Legendary Training results


I have been training constantly since September 2017 a legendary character in training grounds. That is 5 months straight constant training.

Not once have I seen a 5* from the grounds. Rarely I get 4* and constantly I get 3*.

Why are the results so pathetic? Placing dead last in all events I can earn a 5* character pretty much every month.

Training grounds need work. Maybe instead of characters they give tokens more frequently so that at least adds to the mix.

Either way it appears to be a total waste of resources but a decent way of hiding food and people.


Pretty much all anyone should use it for.


I was wondering what the rate was for 5* characters and whether I needed to actually work on getting there. I guess not haha


Hey 2 years of constant training, 0 5*s from lvl 20 training ground, RNG at it’s best. Not.


Do you at least get more 4* than with elite training?


Not really, I think I get more with tg20. I was running even 2 for 3-4 months. Zilch 5*s.


Ive gotten 3 5* from there in 2+ years 2 andreas and a tyrese. That was when i had 3 training grounds all doing legendary training. It can be done but its not worth it. Like everything else in the game its all RNG. I wouldnt rely on them coming out on a regular basis. Your better off just using a lower level training and save your resources in a better way imo


I’ve been running legendary training for at least 12 months now, got one Calm Before Governor from it, plenty of 4* though.

If nothing else they really need to change the name of it, cos you certainly can’t get legendary characters there.


That’s a really good point. With the inception of legendary characters the name is misleading


With the results of these it should just be added to normal crafting so at least your not feeling like left out.

When you craft for 2* solder you have a chance to get a 5* solder out of it with same odds. At least this way seems more reasonable.

So much room and things that need improving but it rarely ever gets addressed. One update addresses one problem then brings in three more.

How about just fix what we have before making something untested?


I just got training grounds to lv 20 around 2 weeks ago. Already pulled a blue tyreese.


In just over 1yr I’ve had 2, the ascendable Glen, and another i can’t remember.

Currently running 2 training grounds so I’m getting a new toon every day, but it’s mainly 3* for last few months, think it was aug/sept i got last 5*


I made a Topic about New Training Course Ideas, sometime ago, but it wasn’t read seen much :frowning: