Legendary token wheel: why?


Love the fact that the wheel’s called Legendary when you have stuff like this in it.

Just, why?

It’s practically bait and switch if you don’t look at the wheel showcase long enough.

Who else fell for the legendary medal?

Yeah pretty dirty to call them legendary tokens.


Got a 5* but for a few bucks, it’s worth a shot.


Why are there two different offers for the same amount of tokens with the only difference being prestige lol


Was about to include that too lol. With the very obvious inaccurate thumbnail of a legendary toon face-first.


The prestige tokens are based on how much money you spend so the more expensive offer gets more tokens. The cheap offer is probably one time only


Also like how Violet is at the very end of the wheel so it appears that its only good shit in there for the poor SOB’s who fail to watch the whole wheel


That 25$ offer is laughable. You’d probably have a better chance just going after the promo wheel.


Who the hell is buying 50 of these $25 offers?


There goes victim #1(?)


Lol I bought it … pulled an Ellen. Maybe the 5* in there are future ascendables lol


You’re not wrong… every 5* should be a 6*… eventually…


Is he newly introduced?


Calls it legendary tokens. Offers non ascendables. Scopes are the ultimate trolls.


Always check the odds.


To an extent the odds are false advertising here because they didn’t seperate the odds for ascendable recruits like they usually do


Everything they do is false advertising. Isn’t it convincente that violet is the last five star showing when you open? It’s just so sad


Or there are not 5s ascemdables


Your disappointment will be… legendary.


Don’t worry scopley have put epic in smaller print there so it’s are fault again not there’s guys. Not like they would do this to trick people noooo