Legendary roadmaps


I knooow the screwdriver event just ended, but could we be getting something like we do with the school bags and flak jackets? I’m a weak person who couldn’t save 10k screwdrivers, not when the tokens were so cheap. By the way, this forum is awesome looking, and a lot easier to manage.


Free? Lol cute, I pay


It is hard to tell who you are because you are so far up Scopely’s ass. Could be a person. Could be a hemorrhoid. Nobody likes your smug comments. You are basically the new Poojan.


It’s because it thinks this game is 100% perfect but secretly he is probably just as pissed to do a 10 pull from the event to only get lab coats night vision goggles and police shield. Quit being such a douche R18 and let people voice their opinions on things that that feel is important. Next thread you post about how you feel dick’d Over I’m gonna tell you to stop whining about it. This game is 100% the best thing ever.


[quote=“R18-C4G3, post:15, topic:164”]
I will behave more better on this new forum and try to limit anything off-topic to 0.
[/quote] …


Show us your prestige and then we would believe you. 160 coins is crap. You can say “you pay” just like I can say I’m Donald Trump.


It shows his prestige level at the top of the picture. Just gotta look I guess​:grin::laughing:


Prestige 9? Yeah you pay lmao. Compared to others who spend you’re basically f2p.


Yeah, but is he close to 125,000 or basically just reached prestige 9. None of my business but him stating he pays is rather cute.


Love the name btw :rofl:


Stop complaining every 5 seconds


It depends on how new to the game this person is. I’m prestige 12 but I rarely spend unless it’s to help my faction anymore in wars when needed. Other then that I’m basically f2p now. Got the big’ol goose egg of 6*’s to prove it to till I get some from the new 5* wheel ascended


The point is, I pay, I didn’t ask for free, unless you missed the point, and as occupied Trump is with golfing, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say your not.


You’re complaining about complaining.


I’m gonna complain about your complaining of my complaining because my complaining wasn’t your complaint to begin with, Complainer.


It shows. :joy:


You guys! It’s okay for people to have opinions. Let’s not complain about… complaining. haha


Hey buddy, that isn’t me. There are plenty of people here trying to impersonate me. You did it to me, and now someone else is trying to seem like me and trolling you. So next time quote the right person please.


Another fake here, don’t listen to this imposter


This is off-topic. I am sorry, but…This is my 1 and only profile on here. kalishane can look into it because I gave her my IP and she will know I only have 1 profile on here and there are a lot of people trying to impersonate me. I am sorry for this, but it is not my fault that so many people want to pretend to be me. If you want any proof just contact kalishane and she will tell you that I gave her my IP address and I am the OG R18-C4G3 from the other forum. Again, I apologize, but this isn’t my fault.