Legendary medals part 3


The SR tourney prizes is a start for lack of legendary medals but they do know it takes 300 not 125 to make a 6 star right? We’d all like the medals to go away and just use toons to ascend but if you’re gonna keep them make them available in much bigger quantities and ALL THE TIME. Make a freaking stash that refreshes like the depot every 5 days something. I’m giving you your mandatory $$ right there and this issue fixed. And for those that don’t spend any $ make the daily SR depot a bit higher 10-15 not 5 that takes 60 freaking days to get enough. This medal deal is the biggest issue to me right now you can’t pump out epic after epic and be like yo you’ll be able to use that in 2 months. Think!


Henrock is that you? Did lag eat your refills?