Legendary medals need to make a come back


I have ascended 11 characters and am out of legendary medals. I have Many more waiting for medals. @kalishane can you please find out when these will make a come back in significant amounts. 300+ 1200+ would be better

More ways to get ascendance medals
Maybe some ascendable tokens please

While you’re waiting for them to come back, you can get them out of the SR depot. It’s not much, but it helps some


Buy some in the SD


Ascending 1 character every 2 months is not efficient.


I know, but as the user above stated, it helps somewhat


Neither is ascending 11 so quickly. I can understand the need to get a good roster for war, but you didn’t need as many as 11 right now. Same rule applies as always: Conserve your resources.


Actually I need more than 11. That’s my problem. I have all 11 at t3 or waiting to t3. So I don’t know what I should be saving for. they are all unique 6s. No point in me buying anymore.


You think you need more than 11; you don’t.


Some said they didn’t want them as rewards, so here we are lol. I’m so tempted to write about the irony of feedback, but I’m lazy at the same time.


Been there , I ascended 12 and I’m locked here without gear to upgrade them all and without medals and buying those crates from sd isn’t helping a lot


You are not the authority on what I need. Move along troll.


But here I am sitting with excess amounts of legendary tokens because I’m ready to prioritize characters I actually need to make a difference, and not ascend characters simply because I can.

I’m not telling you what you should do, but merely stating that the game has always been about resource management. You mishandling and having low supply of resources is no real indication that you need more 6*s.

Take the problem of ultra rare gear in the past. So many players would T4 60+ 5s but only use like 10-15 on a regular basis. Then they realize they have a drought of walkies/schoolbags and don’t have any when they really need them. Those players thought that they needed to T4 their 50th or so 5, but they really didn’t.


@ScopelyAdmin, make this man an offer


You are correct in that micromanaging your resources will allow you to efficiently win level ups or at the very least, obtain milestones.

However, You’re neglecting the fact that those who heavily manage resources and do so with high efficiency are in the top 10% of players in terms of winning level ups or scoring points without much strain.

The average player, even active player is going to be either low on resources, low on medals, low on food, low on trainers, or low on 6*.

This assumes that either it is Scopely’s game design intent that nobody ascend to 6, (unlikely) or that Scopely’s intent is to push everyone into 6* and then try to sell them the gear (failed strategy and has been rebooted, and confirmed by the wheel change and the 6* power boost)

At this point, no one is sure what Scopely wants us to do. Other than buy crates of garbage.


They should’ve made a weekly roadmap to alongside wood or food or survivors.

It’s ridiculous how poorly managed all this is.


Yes you are telling me I don’t need 11. I prefer to have options, you stay pigeon holed. Offense and defense have different teams. You play your stale team over and over. I’ll mix my teams up. I have utility on sr too.

Your analogy is apples and oranges. You can farm all the gear. You can’t farm medals.


Exactly, you don’t need options. You want options. Need and want is severely different.


You’re such a troll


Nah I need some legendary medals too, I’m starting to run low. Maybe offered as a low milestone rewards, roadmap stage completions, conversion of museum parts, or another collection itself would be nice :slight_smile:


Not really, semantics is why a lot of the assumed “constructive” feedback ends up being useless. I really wanted to dive into part of a topic that’s been a long time coming, and this is the final push.