Legendary medals need to make a come back


And to think a few weeks ago some people complained about the medals as event rewards. lol


still have 1500 with 5 6 stars Lol.


What’s funny is you think that’s a lot


whats funny its 300 per 6 can still 5 more. before anything new comes out.


Which leaves you with 11, which is what OP has


How about we say…

Ascendance and legendary tokens need to be made accessible…

I do not want these back for top placement rewards. There should be other means to acquire at a regular basis.

I feel resources should be set to a level that would allow the high activity players to ascend 1-2 per month. Feels much slower than that after a speedy start.


I need medals badly too


this :rofl:


Best thing to ever happen, no more legendary medals Scopely please.


A medal roadmap would be cool


It was a promise. But like always Scopely and promises are not best friends…


There’s supposed to be a weekly map for medals, just like the #weeklygearmap


While I do agree with this, my concern is people can now pull sixes from the tent. They will not need these medals but someone who also may pull from the tent will need them for their new shiny five star.

While I haven’t pulled in a while (besides the one toon pull with an ever growing collection of Dales), if I did pull, got a shiny new ascendance five star, I want to be able to ascend the toon. Limited resources like this with limited tokens and limited benedicts to use to ascend is one reason I’m refraining from pulling. I am not spending on those (insert your own adjective) pop up offers and I have many pending ascendable toons that trying for more doesn’t make sense right now. As mentioned in other posts, if you don’t have enough:

  • Shirts and Gloves
  • Elite Gear
  • Ultra Gear
  • Food
  • Survivors
  • Legendary Tokens
  • Benedicts

What’s the point of even trying for the next shiny toon? And the more people refrain, the chances for the sixes being received will probably increase.

While getting tokens for 1-2 toons to be ascended a month is a great start for where we currently are in the six star evolution, my opinion is soon we will need to see a bigger increase of us receiving legendary tokens and all of the above items for all players to keep people engaged in the game and stop the mass quitting.


Bump ! Need moarrr medals


Yes, medals please, but not as the prize as some said. I still got 1300, and have ascended 8 legendaries. I m good for a while, but I sense more ascendables coming that I already have maxed, so I d like more please.

I feel like Oliver Twist asking for more.


There just need to be regular methods to obtain it, like at the start. Whoever farmed a lot, got a lot of them. I had fun farming back then.


I am on the side that needs medals. I know there are a lot of players that have over 1 mil ascendance medals, and they are running into all other problems. But this is a minority. The players that asked to reduce medals in rewards, are exactly those players that don’t need them.
I would like to see a roadmap where you can farm medals. If you need em, you can do it. If you don’t need em, don’t farm.

It’s sad to see players that negatively react to other players in need of gear. We all play in our own way with our own priorities. We all need something, and the forum is the place to voice that need. Just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean may others have “mismanaged” their resources. Help each other out and create a challenging playingfield again.

@kalishane is there anything in the planning to restock on medals?


Agreed, they should give them out more


you talk to others telling them they are trolling you yet you do the same when someone mentions they have enough tokens. I have enough to mabe ascend 15 in total, I have 6 or 7 x 6* and a heck of a lot of tokens but i know its better to keep them for the future and not ascend double or newer toons coming out

The end of all is yes we ALL need a way to get more tokens … SR Depot is a fair way to get a small amount for silver and a tiny amount of gold tokens … but should be done anyway if you need as many as you can get at this time

In NO way should these tokens be placed back as MAIN rewards in events, the game needs a complete restructure with rewards, they need to make them as important as it was a year ago having 5* rewards in a games meta that had only 5* … in other words 6* should be whats needed.

tokens and gears should be either secondary items or milestones … and by that i mean 6* gear


They said there was going to be a roadmap for them. Many people voiced that the medals should not be the only prize. You are not reading that they were supposed to have a medals map.

Ascendance & Legendary Medals
A new item needed for Ascendance are Ascendance and Legendary medals. For 3-Star and 4-Star Ascendance, only normal Ascendance Medals will be needed. To ascend a 5-Star to a 6-Star, special Legendary Medals will be required too. Both Ascendance Medals and Legendary Medals will also be coming from regular occurring Roadmap, as well as being possible rewards from tournaments.

This is taken from the ascendance thread. So with the information given to us at the time we had and have every right to be upset with legendary medals as main prizes… They are supposed to have a roadmap.