Legendary Hunter


So, one of the few 5* that will become ascendable that is not f2p is Hunter. I am one of the players who spend money to pull him because of his revive skill. Seeing him on the ascendables list made me excited to see his 6* form. But how excited can i be when he loses his revive skill?

So, i do have other revive blue chars like jesus, but they’re not as good as hunter. Hunter revives 2 chars and he does this at a low AP count while dealing some decent damage (in the 5* days). On top of it he was hard to beat on the first turn because of indomitable, so, behind a shield, he was almost sure to be able to revive chars. Now this is not what i am asking for, not at all, he doesnt have to become super OP. I just hope he can keep his revive skill.

If scopely however chooses to not give him revive, it would be cool if he does become a really good char. Im just hoping they dont f up a char that has been really cool back in the days. Let them f up andrea instead…


If they go by Kal standards, he will retain his rush and his specialist skill. But if they decide to go through the red Rick route, I can’t honestly say what the outcome will be. Guess we have to wait and see.


@Increased_Chances yeah, i know they do whatever they want, but sure as hell i hope they pick the kal option.

Edit: it would be good for them to make him a good strong revive toon. A lot of people will spend money to pill him again.


Hunter was the only premier toon I ever got lucky with, I pulled two on my first 40 pull for him.

Please god let him be a beast again.


I only was lucky enough to get one of him, but it sure was nice to get him back then. I hope with you he’ll be a beast. I would be the best present scopely could give us ever


He can be f2p. Sure he’s only on the Premier wheel, but atleast he’s obtainable, unlike Knox. Pulled him a few days ago :smirk:


You can obtain Knox too, from the premier pulls.


Really. Did they added him there, I never saw him in there :thinking:


Oh man I regret my alt account, had 2 Hunter in it :confused:


He was there since last autumn…I guess.


Okay? If he’s really in there he was never Announced in any way


Knox is not in the wheel, you may be looking at Jackson who is almost the exact same character design


Jackson also isen’t in the Wheel. He’s only in Ascendance, even If I would really like it to have him in Something Like 5* Token’s. Atleast he’s useful unlike Others… Gregory… Christa…


My bad. Hunter USED to be in the prestige wheel. Now he can be obtained only by coins. Just as Knox.


I pulled Hunter from prestige wheel so I told my group mates it was possible to get him for ascendence as a f2p… I now realize I might have to bleed to that mistake.


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