Legendary gold medals? You're failing on making them available

For the love of God can we get the legend medals problem fixed? You do a tourney or 2 with them and then they’re impossible to get the 300 for 5 weeks! Nobody is goin to buy 10 at a time either make them available all the time in shop or stashes so we atleast have the option and also they should be a side prize like gear pieces are in tourneys always there in milestones. There’s tons of players that can’t get the 6s because of the lack of them…


Everything dried up to make way for nugget rewards for more gear and Wyatt

It seems like Legendar Medals are the only viable throttle Scopely has left.

Notice how many “OFFERS” have had “25 medals, 45 medals etc…”

They think people are going to buy them. If no one is going to buy a stun gun, they sure as fuck aren’t buying medals.

No medals as rewards tells me as a customer that the game is dead.


Time to get out your 5*s again, oh wait… we used them to ascend…

Medals need to completely disappear. There are enough stopgaps with getting enough fodder or benedicts to ascend to a 6*. Then you have a whole new issue getting enough Liliths/Adens and Active trainers. Also, since an Epic gear map does not exist we will eventually run out of practice dummies, tripods, gauntlets, etc. So clearly there are way too many stopgaps to just be able to 6* everyone. Scopely should get rid of medals altogether or give us a weekly map where we can get a few hundred at least. The maps for 30k ascendance medals is stupid when you need 250k. Really? You penny pinching (expletive)!!! Give your players who keep your pockets full what we need.



I’d say that ascending 3s -> 4s
or 4s -> 5s needs to be free

keep the medals purely for 5s ->6s
(so get rid of the 2 medal types, just have 1 type)

I just don’t want to level 4 or 3* anymore. They should both come maxed or last tier level 1.

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Well said and so true. How many roadblocks can they put in place. You cant compete without 6 stars now but good luck getting them and the gear needed outside of paying for it. I could only imagine starting the game out today without the benefit of the 6 star launch gear. I think I would uninstall it within the 1st week.


Leveling up 5* is already a painful, boring grind.

Leveling up 3* and 4* is dead, the only people left doing it are casuals, and the type of people who used to farm 30 regions for scavenger missions.

95% of war active people in the meta are not excited about leveling up.

There are a handful of people who don’t even war who enjoy it.