Legendary gear?


Why after all this time are we still without any form of legendary gear map,even 1 time per month if it’s farmable would be great for some,cause honestly the 1 million to 2 million milestones in lvl up tournaments just aren’t cutting it…i distinctly remember see the legendary gear map promise in someone’s letter to the players,but I’m not going there,its time to start giving players a proper chance at needed gear


The reason why there are no legendary gear maps, is that with legendary gear maps, the game would become too easy, and legendary gear would be significantly devalued as event rewards and purchases.


How,they gave us schoolbags as rewards and we went at each others throats and spent when the farmable gear maps still existed,there’ll be plenty of things left to bleed us dry even if they would give a gear map


Because they like to bleed us dry at every possible corner.