Legendary Gear Roadmap?

Are there plans for a roadmap that drops legendary gear as well? So far, very few people have managed to get the gear needed for tier 4 legendary characters (some legit, some not).


This has been mentioned like 50 times I don’t think they care to address it


Oy, it’s a simple question. Will there be a roadmap?

How about it @kalishane? :smile:

I say they launch an ultimate gear map, instead of act one having Leather gloves etc., make act one elite. Then make act two ultra and act three legendary.

Need a bump on this thread. Not sure if its been answered anywhere else. Is there going to be a road map for legendary gear?


I believe a regular legendary gear map was promised in the past but no update has been given for some time

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Are we talking tier 3 or tier four gear? Ultra is bags and walkies, so is legendary watches and radios? Is epic gear canteen and GPS?

You don’t need a gear map.

Just buy all their bags and offers.

It’s all right there with a big red bow on it.

You can also buy trainers and food.

Problem solved.

Buy it for me

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they had a few drops from events.

At this rate lvl 90s are just not realistic

Ask Santa Claus. Oh wait, he doesn’t exist. Too bad.

Kalishane was just shown a screenshot of the promise of legendary roadmaps in another thread, and said she would be responding to it after bringing it up with the team

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It was shown, it was shredded, and many pancakes were shared that day

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Yeah, but they only promised it soon but as ‘soon’ is a relative term so they could still be well within their timeframe.

Here you will find your answer to the legendary gear map


@kalishane any answer to when we get a legendary gear map?

This is all I’m going to say about are Legendary Gear Map

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I guess this is why people asked for an actual timeframe as opposed to “soon”

GBefore 2020 keep on surviving :joy:

Good news! Scopely just confirmed that we will be getting a legendary gear roadmap… Just as soon as 7s toons arrive. :roll_eyes: