Legendary gear in another event


Can we have the opportunity to win legendary gear in something other than level up events, please. It seems like the only way to get them is to reach the 2M milestone which isn’t an easy task. Raid milestones are even more difficult to achieve, but even something like that would help.

I get the reasoning. I really do. But it can take three days of prep to reach the 2M milestone unless you’re swimming in legendaries and can coin YGL if it shows up. That three days is wasted if you find out the rewards are anything but the equipment you need/want. If your justification is to let people choose which tournament they want to compete in, tell us the rewards in advance, or give a standard set of rewards that covers all the bases.


I agree besides FA not many ways to get gear or $$$$ not asking for a lot Just a map a couple times a month.


Box with 6 pieces of t4 gear(like the ones on the rtp token wheel) should be the 2 million milestone would at least make all the resources getting there worth it. The lower milestones should have 6 star t3 and t4 gear as well, get rid of gear we can get from roadmaps as prizes and milestones it’s a joke.