Legendary gear /gold radios

Why dont we have a legendary ger map like all other gear i mean we have these gold radios we never used you could turn gold radios into opening legendary gear map it is so hard to find or get legendary gear and ascendance medal should be sould in one of the stores

They did make a roadmap for the gold radios a few months back. It was for gold mods.

Ya a one time deal they can do the same for legendary gear offset it every other week first 2 weeks of month be gold mod map last 2 months be gear ffs lol

They wouldn’t do it though. And if they did the gold radios would still cost money.

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If they were smart the gold radios would be for 6-star gear and the only way to get a gold radio is to be a survivors club member and then charge another $10 bucks for each one.

:whale:'s would jump at the chance for this.

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don’t go giving them ideas. lol

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