Legendary Gear Event - EASTER FAIL


Thank you for arranging an Easter event for legendary gear similar to the ones we have seen previously.

Just one concern:


With respects to how the game is structured I find this very difficult to understand.

with the RNG wheels/stashes that hold a GPS/CANTEEN in them, many of us players are forever seeing either none of these crucial items or at least duplicate on one or the other leading to getting 3-0/4-0/5-0 on items.

having 2 accounts and seeing 3 Gps 0 Canteen and 4 GPS and 0 is really infuriating and not only that, expecting the next RNG crate holding them to be one of the ones you already have takes away from any hard work put in to attain these chances.

I am speaking for myself with regards to this BUT listening to teammates and 5 other factions there is a large percentage of players (my region, other regions) who suffer this exact same thing.

The easter event should have a chance for these items, even more so they should have a separate crate so you can go for a gps / canteen without rng. This would have been the 3rd gear event gone through where i havent had what is needed, and with them not being the weekly/fortnightly roadmaps that was promised at the beginning of the 6* meta introduction there has to be a better avenue to take with these items.

The CRW with a gps AND canteen was a general great step in the right direction. Personally saying top spot should have had more than 1 bag in my opinion


The bottleneck is real. Peeps are so thirsty but canteens and GPS are way to big to fit through the dam. Imagine the amount of world energy cans that would be sold with the implementation of farmable maps for 6* gear.


5* trainers would be nice to add to


The difference in stats for T3 max to T4 max 6* - is between 5-6% - why the rush? I would prefer focus on T1-T3 gear for now.


As much as I would love to T4 some toons, and I does feel like a bottle neck, this ^

The gear is getting through, there are t4’s out there, but do people forget how much of a bottle neck 5* T4 gear used to be?


I agree with you that we really don’t need to rush for the gears, scopely is trying to preserve the life of the game by not rushing everything but it’s human nature to want change and if they run a gear map with 6* T4 gear once every 2 months it would be a good compromise until they are ready to fully release those gears


Only 5-6% difference , ok clearly you aren’t in a top faction.

Small margins make a hell of a difference and every advantage you can get is essential, especially when these 6% differences stack with weapon buffs and lead skills so assuming a carl lead on a melee and a 30% hp weapon this 6% stat increase turns to an additional 12% increase ,and with the stats being so high for 6* this turns a character like hp 2240 tier 3 zeke 2401 to ( this is without hp or def weapons ) meaning tier 4 characters are able to tank 2 ( potential 3 more standard hits than there tier 3 counterparts) which is a big difference.

On a separate note, people writing this event off are naive, sure gps/canteen are the most required items in game right now but we dont have all the information on the event yet, and with you needing 6 masks to one of each gps/canteen and war recently giving one of each, i do not for see to much of a problem with this event as any pull we make will be used at some point and none of the prizes are bad (no bogey prize in there)


@Akearns yes I am on F2P team - so 6% is not worth the cost. Cheaper to wait.


Thats like saying no ponit in tier 4 for a 5 smh


If you can build a good team and have lucky procs with RNG weapons, yeah lol. Heck, I’m still using 3 5s and 2 tier 1/2 6s.


I remember lol


Totally agree there is levels to this game when it comes to top faction fighting and only the rank 2 and 3 agasint a number 1 rank faction in normal region wars should be able to relate to that. 1 number rank factions feel that agasint other top dawgs in CRWs when they are getting stomped on. Things like that add up when everyone in a single faction is stacked like that fighting one good team that’s teir 4 while others ain’t dont count the same as fighting 8 teams that are good with all tier 4 with all the bells and whistles.


An ascendable would be nic, now its just gear.


Absolutely the 6% difference would help, top factions can wipe out lower tier factions 6% faster so neither team wastes time in war.


Assuming your abstract comparison of difference in stat to time is correct, (which it isn’t), 6% faster for battles that last on average 1-2 minutes is a mere 3.6-7.2 second difference. It’s not that valuable of a margin.


The sooner I get out the better :wink:


Maybe it’s better for top factions on attack with t4 toons but as someone who routinely faces t4 toons I hardly notice a difference when taking them out ¯\(ツ)


im not writing it off as an event, im just saying for 90% of top players, all 6* toons are maxed out and needing gear.

my reason for the canteen etc is due to so many level ups, and not that the excuse dont go for one or two level ups matter because they made almost alll last months level up important with milestones so in terms of not being stuck with other events, things need to start moving in terms of progression.

the medals will be great if its farmable, if its wait for 1 roadmap for 3 days to get x amount and repeat then its going to be so stupid


They should really sell canteens and Gps in FA… even if it’s a ridiculous price like 30k. Gotta be another way to get these items than RNG. So aggravating.


They really should put the maps out for 6* gear, 3rd and 4th tier. Rng doesn’t work in my favor, as I’m sure it doesn’t work for a lot of people.

We deserve to have the maps by now, it’s been a long time since 6*s we’re introduced. It’s time for the gear maps. :sunglasses::sunglasses: