Legendary Dwight [9.2.0 Patch]

kalishane said:
Fixed an issue where Legendary Dwight’s default weapon had upgrade squares on its listing

By the next Patch,
Can Legendary-Dwight only be able to equip his exclusive weapon?
If so, I feel he will be weaker than it is now :tired_face:

**I’m not good at English. Thank you

I’m reading it as his weapon can not be upgraded, thus the removal of the upgrade slots.

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It means his default weapon will not show the upgrade boxes since it cannot be upgraded. He can still use any tough weapon. No functional change, it’s only a visual update.


So the default weapon can no longer be upgradable?
Does it still have the special?

His default crossbow was never upgradable, it is what it is, the upgrade boxes gave the impression it could be modded when in reality, it could not. This is not to be confused with the AK-74 double tap weapon he can hold (or any other tough weapon).


Thanks all. :grinning:
He will continue to be one of the most reliable Damage Dealers.:grinning:

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