Legendary Carley "A New Day"


She’s here! She’s here! She’s finally here!


New 6 Star Carley

Meh. AR is decent I guess but I personally don’t like the leader skill.


Rush should’ve been atleast 66, if not 58


Useless for f2p in the current meta. Put her on the shelf with duane, barker, and negan. Doody poo.


Didn’t realize I used mine for ascendance fodder. Strange… don’t remember selecting her. Maybe they tossed her from my roster in anticipation of this release.


Lmao… this is why I don’t even care if the release ascendables. What a terrible character.


I don’t have her and not gutted that I don’t…


Lead skill is decent if you know you’re fighting an all ranged team. Her AR could have at least purged all debuffs on the 2 she healed.


Absolute garbage.


Don’t really want to take a defensive lead as an attack lead. Idk. I feel like this is why the teams stay repetitive, the original f2p toons are so much better than the ones they release. Outside of Andrea as an attack leader, every f2p toon has been a huge let down in my opinion.

Oh. Even better!!! She’s comes with a stash lmao.


She seems pretty meh compared to other 6 star healers, idk why they would make a stash for her doesnt make sense


One of the only 5* characters I don’t have and not even mad after seeing this


Some defensive teams work for offensive if you have control. I tried a version with Green Carl, Priya, and SR Zeke, Shiva, and Guardian Zeke. Beat some pretty decent teams because of the amount of control I can lay down, while keeping my team tanky and buffed.

I’d disagree on every F2P being a letdown. Shiva is very good, Connor is very good. Siddiq/Glenn are decent.(Could be very good, but I don’t have a leveled one.) Mirabelle is pretty decent, so is Tyreese and Dwight. There are others, but I can’t remember mainly because I’m still rocking 2 5s on my team and don’t really care so much about 6s.


Welp, Here comes the F2P Complain. Like it’s never too old for this thread.


The ones you named were the ones I mentioned. The original ones. Since then they have been huge letdowns. Which is why you still see most of the original ones and none of the new ones.


Why shouldn’t f2p complain… everyone should complain. I’m nowhere near f2p and ascendance was sold to us as a load of bs. The premise was that bad five stars would become relevant. Clearly this character will never be relevant. It was a way to reset the thousands players like myself spent on the game. Disgrace.


She’s pretty trash. I don’t see how any f2p can benefit from her.


she’s great. I love her what a queen. give her the right weapon




She’s one of the best legacy toons ever.
I’ll be sure to never use her, and continue to use her for fodder.