Legancy?Yes no?


So…mayby relese Douglas already?



Maybe they are working on bug fixes right now.


Or another promo…


Or nothing.


Legancy :joy:


Very funny. We all know that isn’t the case.


I said they were working on it,I never said it would be any bugs that people want fixed


Sure they are. I think they finally figured out why territories always crashes the game. :smirk:

Without a doubt. Gotta keep them :whale: pulling and profits up so the bills get paid and the lights stay on.

That being said @Carver I hope they do release Douglas soon. Would be nice to have a ranged guardian 6-star.


“Gets leader skill inStead”


It’s true the only bugs to get fixed in a timely manner are ones that directly impact profits otherwise they are left to fester and rot.


I haven’t seen any bugs that don’t benefit them yet so it’s doubtful, but don’t worry, as soon as they have a new update with a huge feature that helps the players is when we’ll have our next “bug fix”




Douglas is on a 24hr forced vacation. His 'stache was found offensive by stalinbot.


No promo for over a week… somethings gotta be up lol.


Up until about a few days ago i have ever even heard anyone on the forum even use the word snowflake. Now everybody cant stop saying it. Once again community latches onto weird things


I don’t use it but snowflakes are dainty and delicate. It’s apropos.


That’s true I can’t think of the last time we didn’t get a new promo each week.

I guess after Alice and Dale they ran out of ideas on how to further screw over the people who just spent thousands on shields and revives over the last 6 months to find out they have been SCOPLAYED once again. :grin:


Ha, they finally figured out people spend more cans and coins if they win faster and not spend minutes on raids.


We just had Diego

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