Legacy toons cough cough

@JB.Scopely u said a week ago that there would be a new legacy next week…where is it?


I don’t remember that


Half baked

There was a line msg saying it

I’d give it a few days it’s only monday.

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If it was indeed true, isn’t Monday a little early to be starting to moan?

He said today he had no information regarding any future legacies

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Yeah never heard anything about a new legacy and I wouldnt be expecting anything but more premium toons

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Remember the HUGE dissapointment called Jackson… That was the legacy that JB said…


Expect disappointment :+1:

Well, hopefully we get something soon. And hopefully the character will be decent. A nice legacy toon would definitely help right about now

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He never said that, check your facts

Facts are overrated. I prefer my information half baked


Looks to me like they’re only releasing one per leagues season lately. So I’m not expecting anything else for another 6-8 weeks, at least. :weary:

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Please don’t try and attribute some sort of system or schedule to this pitiful release rate. It is too fuckin’ slow


tl;dr: They need to give us more legendary medals first.

Why do you want a legacy toon? They always suck (except Donny). Promos are so much better. We don’t get enough legendary medals to ascend all the promos, why would someone waste legendary medals on a legacy toon?! I even stopped pulling promos (after I got Wayland) because the lack of legendary medals.


eric g2 rick donny blue andrea there are some good characters for free to play but if you buy all your characters then ya any legacy wont be worth it

ok, Donny is an exception

Coz jb is full half baked info


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