Legacy s class!

Release a bunch of legacy s class. That’s the way people might forgive you after this article. And it’s just a good idea. Only a company who puts its customers in buckets wouldn’t think its a good idea

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Fuk no. Not forgiving them. Nice try but next. :joy:


Ummmm no 7 chars

Releasing a few subpar legacy characters won’t fix what they’ve been doing.

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Will never forget. Be careful though the m RTS gestepo is in full force this morning.

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I’m hoping people don’t forget but if past experience is repeated, in a year I’ll be in here saying about years past, “this happened, this happened, this happened” and others will be like, “no it didn’t, scopely gud” followed by post from people asking favorite movie, what are you listening to, let’s see your pulls for xxx, watch my video.
No matter how bad the fuck up new unsuspecting suckers come.
I really only hope old timers stay playing, stay here in the forums and keep watch.

They can start by not giving any whale factions free toons and 2nd to put them all in a different league.

They’ve sinned away their day of grace. I don’t think anything can save them now

I’m pretty sure I recall JB saying that this isn’t being considered

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