Legacy Romanov next

Romanov is going to become ascendable next.


Well.Hes not that bad.Really.


DAMN VK. ITS NOT EVEN OCTOBER YET AND WE GOT LEAKS? How the hell do they even get the leaks? They go into the game files or some shit?


Yeah… they’re hackers :neutral_face:

We will get the tokens as level up rewards and there is gonna be a new wheel as well.


They couldn’t wait to sneak that Yellow Kal in there though.


Oh yes, I can’t wait to get my 5th Kal :sweat_smile:


Glad they released Romanov first. Step in the right direction. Not liking the impair for two turns but he can help. Looks like one in August, one is September and then another in October.

Looks like quite a few amount of pulls on that wheel also. Baby step but a step.


If this is like the war wheel and I get kal Im selling him. No more ■■■■■■■ kals. Can you see if you can get the chances.

Hide the truth it dont matter

At least there’s quite a few pulls on the wheel. I’m sure there will be some four stars in there. Getting kal might be one of the best outcomes.

Well I didnt know that. I thought they just find shit from scopely. Never know scopely put in unreleased char pics in their game like idiots :man_facepalming:

If I get kal or a 4 star their going into the trash. (Being sold in supply depot)

I mean first place gets 14 pulls. So clearly it’s not going to be all awesome ascendables.

A strong or a fast thats not kal is good for me. Tough or reds are really good since I need more of them.

Wait what the fuck?

Lmao that wheel gonna be all burts


Looks like they will have a bunch of collection items to get him from museum. More rng for those that don’t have him. Dumb.

Why the fuck are they doing that now. It started with pete than now it’s a thing.

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Yea it’s not my favorite. Also the five star tokens have dried up so that avenue to get some of these is no longer an option.