Legacy Offer - your thoughts?

Let’s discuss this legacy offer, my opinion, not worth it, they are slow… maybe if I get Duane, but still… what do you think?

Trash offer


Way overpriced.


Thats what happens when you make legacies trash and barely comparable to the new ascendables. Maybe a noob can use them but then why buy this when you can wait for a toon like blue negan to pop up

All F2P toons being offered at a premium price. Bunch of crap. If they had rose, Maggie and Knox (I know only Rose is ascendable at the moment) it would have been worth thinking since these toons are not as easily available to all

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It can be a good offer for new players who need a good toon almost immediately

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Dont buy


Crap offer as always.

They’re all still useful toons. Tyreese’s decap is even more powerful now that revives are so common, Duane is a giant killer when used in the right way and Andrea is still a good toon, with a nice leader skill.

That said, if I was desperate for them, I’d just spend the money refreshing the depot and buying them there, almost certainly for much cheaper. Not worth it.

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Trash, coming from a f2p / casual spender (been a year sober lol) I had 2/3 before ascendance and the one I’m missing is mediocre.

If I didn’t already have all 3 I’d buy it so I think it’s a decent offer since most of the toon offers I buy are $75-$100

I considered buying it.

then my depo refreshed and ty was there, ao i didnt have too :smiley:

If I were to design a game like this, you would be my dream player.

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Andrea and Ty are both OP, but there are cheaper ways to get them. Just depends on whether you want to wait to see if it comes available

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