Legacy Ascendable Romanov Leak & Prediction

So Alert Romanov has been leaked and is due to become a legacy ascendable! He is an offensive character that would have good synergy with the current meta F2P attack teams so things are looking good so far (compared to lets say, Sawyer).

Timeframe between Jackson leak and release was 2weeks so get leveling him now if he is not already maxed out for you.

Do you think Romanov was a good pick as a legacy ascendable?

  • Yes
  • No

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As for Hershel, Maggie, Magna and Lee - who knows when these guys will be released, it has been a long time since they were leaked but Romanov being a damage dealing character could be the better choice, for most, right now.


Any 5*s a good pick. Just keep them coming. Flesh out the 6* pool before going anywhere else.


This is exactly why the community gets upset when legacies are not released, smmfh.


My prediction about: 98% of this forum will still find a way to complain about even if this new Romanov looks dope.


Prediction: 2020


They are stockpiling this legacy toons. Hope he will coming soon and Prya looks nice btw…

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Yeah,Because he will never come out!


My prediction Scopely burns off his legs.

Yes with a caveat: he keeps decap.


Not about looks, its about usability, he looks badass! But if he has parting shot with a rush of 85 ap that deals 150% damage to one enemy and an active skill with 50% heal reduction for 2 turms to 1 enemy, he is useless.

Hopefully he keeps decap. Luckily I’ve been holding on to him at maxed for quite some time, just happy they’re making him ascendable.


Or scopely will nerf him by taking away his blowtorch and giving him a box of safety matches instead

Should’ve had a poll asking players if we actually think he’ll get released because the last ones we got excited for never came out

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Is he got confirmed? Or wil be like harsh lee maggie

New AR will be “Flambe”. He deals 300 burn damage to the enemy while setting himself on fire, dealing 2k damage per turn until the end of the battle.

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No toon is ever confirmed. They just mean they have been created. But doesn’t mean they will release them. Seems like Romanov will be released though.

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We want Hershel!!!

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He could be great for the FTP out there however this is Scopley. He will either be released right after or before a crushing promo or not at all. FTP means not great now. Keep buying!!

It’s actually called “Incendiary Disaster” it does 200 Burn damage to one enemy but 2000 Burn damage to all adjacent teammates

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He’s not going to be good.
His original 5 star was terribly mediocre, and seeing how Scopely does their mediocre legacy premier ascendables (Hunter, Barker, Sawyer, etc.)
I simply don’t think he will even be average.