Legacy Ascendable Maggie, Worth the wait?

So it has been over 8 Months since we originally knew Maggie was going to be released and she is finally here! Still a Fast Medic with command, but how will she stand up to the S Class era?

Boasting quite heavy defensive stats and buffing all team mates with a 70% heal and a bit of a Def boost at 25% she would have been great in the 6* era along with another f2p legacy, Donny. But alas! This is the S Class era and her main use will be enabling S Class characters to rush a turn earlier.

Have you / Will you ascend Maggie?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think her higher defense stats will allow her to be useful with an 8% weapon. A command with 8 percent is so underrated by many players. Nik was pretty darn good. Maggie is better than him

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She’s great for the idiots who missed Nik. She also stays true to her 5* Version but buffs it.

To be honest, she’s the ideal ascendable if it wasn’t for the whole “S-Class kinda made 6 stars obsolete” thing


Even as a 6* if she had something really small on her active that was decent it would be cool. Like slow etc. (which is basically like AP drain, lets face it) something that has not been properly into F2P yet. Christa does not really count imo as she was not for everyone and not a support.

lacks enemy control, imo. will have uses but wont change the game

not a bad character. but not something that will save the meta. they should have kept the hp bonus, and active should have been more than just 1 fx. maybe cure impair, and stun 2 enemies? something like that;)

they made players wait months for this toon, and scopely released the toon at the final minutes of last day of october. I would be shocked if they spent more than 10 minutes coming up with the 6* version.

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I think she will change the game for people that skipped on Nik. 8% on a command is super important. I still run Nik on my offense which allows for Ryan to rush round 2

Yeah she could probably be a bit better, but for a legacy ascendable you can’t really expect the world. Released at the start of the year, she’d have been held in the same regard as Donny, Eric, Douglas and Rick released at that time

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Don’t even have her on this account only on my retired one only if we got our plushies back then I would ascend her

The meta is maim, bleed and burn which ignores bonus hp, her getting heal to all is better although i wouldnt mind bonus hp as well lol

nod, thats what i meant, heal and hp bonus.