Legacy Ascendable Jackson, Hit or Miss?

Legacy character Jackson has become an ascendable, he was leaked a little while ago (although, not the first of the leaks with Hershel, Maggie, Lee and Magna still MIA) he has drastically changed from his 5* version and imo been kind of butchered as an overall character - There were definitely better options to get that leader skill out to f2p.

What do you think of Jackson?

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I made a video about the lack of ascendables a few weeks ago and sadly Jackson does not really change the current situation as his use is extremely limited.


well its for ftps so its ok. Nothing damn special about him

I posted this in another thread but I’ll post it here as I admire your videos and would like to know your opinions on him…

-He is an Ap boost attack lead and has the 40% boost of 6star leaders.
-His AS is initial turn 2.
-He heals.

-His heal is quite outdated since so many toons now give more than 40%, more over multiple turns or bonus hp
-His Ap boost part of the leadership skill is 5star not 6star
-His AS only affects 2
-His AR is garbage, especially for its cost. Over half of the 5star toons have a better AR
-His attack is trash so the 300% damage will not scale well
-He takes 504 wheel rims to unlock. According to the bag probability, the average number of wheel rims is 45.5 per pull, meaning you need to pull just over 11 times on average (there is a reason there are 12 bags avaliable). 12x185 is 2220 gold coins. Then you cannot lose a single stage on the third roadmap as there are no spares as of yet, so the 2220 is still a gamble if you face anything like the current 'challenge road maps last stage.
So calling him F2P is a bit of a stretch when you could more easily do a 10 pull on a promo toon who will be far better than him. I have been corrected on the other thread that he is avaliable from ascendables so wheel rims are not a must
-He has no set weapon (this could be considered a good thing if you have a stun sword/cane already set up)
-He has 76ap cost, so unless you have or craft a huge Ap on attack weapon, he can’t even make himself rush T3, this doesn’t sound too bad until you realise that quite a lot of decent green weapons have large Ap on attack and so upgrading to huge on attack feels like a huge waste of a slot.

Overall he feels all over the place. It says he is a medic, but requires a 76ap to go off, to heal only upto 40%, has no heal over time, heal AS or bonus HP attributes. He has a leaderskill that is needed by many but falls just short due to the fact that with so many 76ap toons, a lot of huge on attack crafting will have to be done. His AS looks like he could be support, but it only affects 2 then takes 3 turns to recharge so whilst it could make some difference for a turn, as soon as he has cured, the toons will be hitting stun/imapir guns again and they’ll have to wait longer the next time, so not really a good ‘make do’ for disarm either. He has a damaging rush and attack increase due to his own leaderskill, yet has an attack of 1500 which is like the Simpson’s Mr Burns trying to lift a dumbell.

What is he supposed to be doing?


agreed 7 char*

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I put bad because he’s not huge AP which doesn’t make sense because of Andrea


I put bad because I wouldn’t be using him if I had him

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If you voted bad and are f2p, I don’t think it’s going to be getting any better for you… just saying.


im ftp and i say he is ok. I will surely find a way to fit him in.

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Underwhelming to say the least. Didn’t even give him a huge when attacking? They gave him defensive stats with an attacking AR - so that’s not going to kill anything.

Back to the 3 month wait for something else as shoddy.


They have released many ftp that are better than him


Debatable. Give me an example besides Michelle?

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I dont know why is very large bouns not huge bouns all leader skill is huge now

That’s a sad and dismal outlook then, they could have atleast made him marginally better when compared to other f2p toons released in the past.

He’s hot garbage which makes sense given the dumpster fire this whole game is fast becoming.

Doesn’t leave much for f2p to look forward to if this is the effort they put into it


Just about any of the season toons. Maybe even leon


It’s not a dismal outlook. It’s the truth. I’ve played this game for four years. There have been very few instances of an f2p toon being better than its counterpart (maybe eric better than Erika, guardian rick better than guardian Glenn). So when I compare this toon to its counterpart, Camilla, I expect him to be worse.

That is absolutely wild and wrong. But okay. I’m not even going to argue that.


Leon is fking trash

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While he is not great, his kit makes sense he is just underpowered. Jackson kit makes no sense - it would be as if Leon was released as a decap but had a healing rush with no damage.


You’re right, Nik, Shawn, Charlie, sandy, regina all garbage compared to this guy


Rick, Bruce or sandy, donny, Eric, Douglas, Shawn,Charlie, Nik, regina, rocket abe