Legacy Ascendable 6* Telltale Lee & Magna, are Shield still of use?

Lee and Magna have been released after being leaked way back in April and it may be a bit late for the viability of 6* Shield character due to the sheer nuclear power of S Class damage dealers.

Taking a first look at both of these characters as well as how and where to get them and the gear required to tier them up as 6 stars.

The most important question now is should these two have been released while they still had limited viability on defense teams or do you think they can still be used in the raid system still?

Are Lee or Magna useful in Raids?

  • Both Attack & Defense
  • Only on Attack
  • Only on Defense
  • Not useful in Raids

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Stun on defence with magna would be interesting and pretty good

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Useful for attack, i love my ajax and andrea on my attack teams

They’re certainly useful being the first gen 2 shields, that increase in stats will certainly help in raids but not necessarily against S Class teams for obvious reasons.

Personally I only have Magna for 6* shield so any6* shield is welcome to me, even if I know I won’t win against S Class teams. Well, Andrea from SC trial, but she was free and not maxed.

Does anyone know how much gear is needed to T4 these 2? Can’t fin the info anywhere. For sure, it’s

T2: 2 pocket knives, 4 sleeping bags
T3: ?
T4: ?

Thanks LG, my search prowess were obviously not good enough :grin::+1:

I went not useful, S-class made them meaningless to me, but I’m sure many F2P and mild spenders will enjoy using them for now, just a shame those peeps have no chance of levelling them up☹️

You were close! you commented on a thread where the video showed the required amount of gear :smiley:

Haha I actually viewed your video but couldn’t turn the volume on, was in the toilet. Should have taken my earphones…

screenshot right at the end of the video : P

Scrolled too fast…

Keep your videos coming, I love to watch them

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