Legacy Andrea made ascendable .. now available



So treasure maps someone tell me more


Not as good as I was hoping tbh, bit of a let down from what she was


How do we get treasure map drops


What more were you expecting?


Quicker AR for a start, old Andrea 45 AR, this one 85, 66 AR at least


Was expecting 75 but 85 isnt bad if she is used as lead, remember she is f2p, scopely wont make her too powerful. Her leadership skill will compensate for the slow ar.


I agree, but still, I was screaming when I got my first Andrea, she was a game changer, they had to make Yellow Sandy to combat her, but this one mehhh, I think I’m a bit jaded tbh


She’s the first widely available attack and AP lead. I’m happy with her


She was great as a 5* and she will be awesome as a 6, her lead kill is all range, making tara and the new p2p carl redundant.


Yaaaaaay!!! She got the leadskill I called!!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Plus active skill gives her additional 25 AP


Keep raiding. Keep surviving

And pray to RNGeesus


Finally!!! Not as good as her 5 star a tad disapointed in her card overall that 85 AR :disappointed_relieved:


So, this was an Instant Ascend for me. I didn’t even looked at her first and now… I don’t regret it.


And just like that, the $0.99 offer fiasco was gone.


For now. But their the cake problem


Finally a F2P Attacking AP lead. Too bad I Never had Andrea, wonder if they get off their asses and release another like was hinted or if we have to wait another 2months and 10+ promos?


Just maxed one of mine. Damn that felt good, but sucks it came at the expense of this crap levelup lol