Legacy Acendables: Hershel & Maggie

Any word on when Hershel and Maggie will be made ascendable? Asking since they are included as pulls on some of the tokens, according to the change log. Is this another part of the update that hasn’t gone live yet? Or is it a mis-read that they’re part of the update?

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Scopely said they will be releasing them by the end of October. We got Romanov in August, so probably safe to assume one per month unless they decide to actually throw F2P a bone.

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Will anybody still be playing by the end of October


the ones who pulled for Sclass priya, only the mega whales!

I’m sure they will be priya counters I can’t wait.

Isn’t there a yellow s class on the way already?
A character from the new wd set in china
he will be the one to take top spot from Priya…just as Priya took it from Pete…

Looking at his weapon many said he may be f2p

no, both might be dual specialist, green and yellow.

Dude honestly releasing them will most like slow f2p down than help us, honestly they choose the worst toons to be legacies some times.

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Why does this matter so much still?

I agree…seem moot now

Yep, they will be nearly useless right out of the gate


But the fact people believe it is a saving grace Are diluted.

These toons are fodder.
Just wait till after TOC and watch these teams decimate.


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I think it’s a S class yellow.

Los tengo a ambos, espero vengan fuerte y no de relleno

Good question.Played war a bit this weekend top 20 had 4 star people fighting lol.

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