Legacies. are they still happening?

with S-class here. will every 5* still become 6*. Please scopley make all of them 6* they deserve it.

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did you mean, “Legacies, are they still useful?”

well, i think they are still happening, just very slowly, and i think they are still useful when you need filler toons to do scavenging missions.

Or maybe check one of the other five threads that have been asking about legacies in the last couple of days.

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that time of the month i see.

I’m sorry if pointing out the obvious hurt your feelings.

There is no point to create more legacies if they won’t help at current meta with S Class era.
Also, I have a better idea: They should make old ascendables very very more accessible! A lot of them could be useful in the right hands, but they still giving trash 5* on epic wheel with laughable odds. I’m struggling so damn hard to collect tokens for a chance to get Morgan, but that damn 5* wheel still giving me useless shit. Not even to mention the prestige wheel with so many great pieces (Erika, Tobin, Louis, Martinez), but pathetic and impossible odds.

I really wanted more legacies become ascendable but as time goes on the more irrelevant they become. I’ve heard a rumour that Scopely is mostly done with them and moving on from it. I’m assuming they will try to make up for this through the war wheel and collectibles if that’s actually true. Again was a rumor, and it’s disappointing cause a lot of characters I wanted to see become ascendable never will if it’s true.

Make all legacies S class!

nope. clearly my reply irked you. pitiful. it’s called banter

I think in the future… like 6 months or so they should start evolving legacy characters into S class. The process of obtaining S class will eventually need to be sped up once S class are the norm.

Example… they make original red rick an S class. Even if people already have two maxed then they still need to get 6k collectables to get the S class. Will speed up the process without making it too easy.

Legacies have caused absolutely nothing but problems. People are extremely annoyed when they are released, and they are extremely annoyed when they are not released. Some people have them, others don’t and feel bad when there’s finally a F2P toon and then they can’t get it. People who have it on the other hand are annoyed when the legacy is available in an event, like during the Dwight/Maggie/Knox event - either the event itself is worthless, or all the time acquiring the character before the event was wasted. Make the ascended form too different and it makes no sense that the two are related through ascension, make them too similar and you well might end up with a character that has little use.

It’s simply a bad system and I hope that they never bring it back. I doubt that many people really cared about ascendables (some collectors and lore mavens excepted). What people care about is free toons, and there are much much better ways to do this.

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