Leech Life-Supporter Level 3

I hardly see anybody with this and basically only see it in Survival Road. Anybody that actually has it can you say if it’s worth trying for or just trash?

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Trashy mctrash trash just like scopelys 12 days of bullshit


My faction was based on leeches, more then half. Not worth it indeed.


I’ve never seen it used effectively, personally. Which is a shame, life steal is a fun sounding power. Like reflect damage, the numbers involved are too small to be effective


Shit, if reflect worked the same way it does for walkers in S/R everyone would have that :joy:



That’d be crazy

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To the op. If they took blizzards d3 at year 1 when you would want gear with life steal. It basically made your toon invincible based on how much life steal was stacked and how much dmg and how fast you attacked to keep your hp constantly at max. But since this is a turn based game and that they made leech life at what 20% hp back on attack or being hit, it really has no use cause what is 20% of getting health per hit/dmg taken when the initial blow is way more then what you will get back. It’s a better feature in non turn based games unless they ramped up the amount you get when dealing dmg/taking dmg.


and they made 2 weapons and tried to sell them with this mod.

Would be cool to have, not worth crafting probably.

this weapon mod is basically just a Toy Weapon.
If they gave a weapon with 30 attack and leech life for free like dwights gun.
It would still be a really shit weapon but we could see it being used by the newbies.

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I put it on Barker 6*.

It’s pretty cool imo.
Has more use with 6*s!

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Ive yet to see a 1* w reflect, even on trait disadvantage red to green, reflect a kill. They may actually be better def wise than sr zoms…