Leech Life - is it broken?

Made a weapon with this mod and I’ve played with it a bit over the last few days…but it doesn’t appear to be working? Anyone else have a leech life weapon they can test and see if this is broken?

Mine works fine. Its all random if It procs or not tho.
For what it’s worth it won’t go off round one since your toon has max hp already :grinning:

Does it go off but just have no effect? IE the green writing above the chars head. Kind of like stun on an already stunned character.

Where have you found leech life most useful?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the green writing come up when the toons been at max hp. Maybe it’s like the bonus stats when attacking toons with greater than x hp it doesn’t have any chance to work

I’ve got it on a kukri with 33 crit and huge attacking ap and I only use it on 6* josh. When collateral goes off with leech it’s fun. I’ve tried it on other toons and unless your attacking an all blue lineup I don’t see anyone hitting hard enough to heal a good chunk , maybe RTP rick but I’ll have to try it out first

It won’t proc if it will have no effect if it had proc’d


Try saying that 10 times fast


Ok thank you

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Saying ≠ writing