Leaving faction before prizes drop

I was allow to leave my faction before my prizes dropped and i still haven’t gotten them but everyone else have. What can i do? Why did it allow me to leave before they dropped?

Why did you leave before the prizes were handed out?


You can do nothing now. I guess they removed the faction lock in one of the updates.

Why leave so soon? Lmao…

I been done since Friday and wanted out asap!!! Not thinking! Now I’m pissed

Any idea how can i get my prizes?

Never had this problem so I am no help. Sorry.

Who csn i mail here that’s support for scoply!!!

And i bet support is gonna be slow and wait to after wyatt end

Seriously? So scoply like to fuck people? Seems like i will be calling google and speaking to them:)

I think you are stuck. Haven’t seen anyone get a prize if they leave faction before prize drops. On a side note…you said you were done since Friday. Meaning done with the game? If so who cares.

Done with my faction and the leaderboard never even showed!!

Got it. Sorry…that sucks.

Faction SR has always had fhis problem. No locks, you can leave or be booted at anytime during event. Not sure why theyve nevwr fixed it after all the complaints.

If the leaderboard didn’t show they can’t say i claimed


Support will pretty much just tell you thats what you get for jumping before rewards in. Sorry.

I will get in contact with google and im sure a refund would work too…

Put down the drama and pick up a spirit!
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