Leaugues and Territorys Again

We all know there is a problem with territories both in glitches and in players sending them to walkers.

We know scopley has said leaugues are pvp centric and they will never give players points for walkers.

So you now have an impass. Territories prior where held by factions and would basically stack defenses. They where used to gain bonuses and fairly static. Since adding points to attacks players attack and go until out of energy not bothering to really stack or hold them for any amount of time. Since leagues extend beyond regions there is no way the whole player base will agree to terms. No matter what one region working together will impact the standing in leaugues and thus it will not last.

It’s an endless cycle seen in all regions and a very touchy subject. There is lots of solutions but scopee is the one that has to take the lead. We all know scopee is money centric so how do we fix this?

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