Leather Gloves Broken?

Okay, I think leather gloves are completely broken for me right now and I don’t have an explanation as to why. I noticed while prepping for the 2 million in this level up that I was getting dangerously low on leather gloves, so I have spent the last two days farming various stages hoping to get some. In two days, using both natural energy AND four refills across the two days, I have gotten exactly ZERO leather gloves. Zero. None. Using two large farm leads for the majority of the time.

I have been farming 21.8, 17.8 and 13.4, and I haven’t gotten a single one. Anyone else seeing this? This goes way beyond RNG, something is broken.

Why don’t u farm the silver radios on the roadmap?


I mean, I guess I will have to. I just don’t understand why I can’t farm 13.4 like I always used to, get the gloves plus the weapons and such I am used to getting. Not sure why this isn’t dropping for me anymore.

Doing any levels past 13.5 is a waste of energy. You get more chances at gear doing those levels than any level that uses more than 6 energy.

Leather gloves appear only on world levels seven and below.

Oh and in roadmaps. Not all of them but the weekly gear map. The XP map the food map and the toon map are the most prevalent.

My bad I assumed you were talking about 2* production gloves. The leather ones I rarely use. Yeah 13-3 or whatever for those. Also the radio maps

He’s looking for this: