Leather gloves, Ammo belts nerfed?


So been farming world stages 7.1, 8.3, 8.4, 13,3, 13,4 and no drops at all, my girlfriend has same issue. I know can get from bronze/silver road maps but 5hat is huge waste of energy. (Used 2 refills plus 71 natural energy) but no drops :frowning:


23-7 nuff said


Ran twice 36 energy so more Than silver road map: 1xcopper 2xsunglasses 2 1* weapon trainers/downjacket that’s with drop leader too


I ran it twice. Got boots once and gloves the next. It is 34 energy. I assumed you did not have a silver radio given your question.


I have but usually want to farm other areas that also drop other things with less of an energy demad


It’s not nerfed. You just hit a rough patch.