Leather gloves AFK


Can we ge the road maps back ??

I dont know about every one but seriously i am out of those and wasting too many cans just to farm 2-3 leather gloves !

It is just ridiculous.

Sort this out please @JB.Scopely


I’ve been having luck with 21-8. It’s 15 energy but it’s been dropping about 2-3 fairly frequently. It seems the drops for leather gloves has been nerfed along with the lack of roadmaps that we keep getting radios for.


Two words: silver radios


The radio roadmaps arnt there so you can throw as many silver radios as you like you won’t get any


Maybe not today, but they are farmable all through the week


Ok, so I’m not the only one… I never even noticed I wasn’t picking them up until I started running out. Totally had to change the way I farm now.


Silver radio maps have been missing for about 3 weeks now.


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so do something bro!


I’ve said it on the forums several times, I’ve tagged @JB.Scopely about it, I’ve sent a ticket to support about it. I’m not sure what else I can do.


Shows how much i look at the map


I think I get enough through farming regular levels. It was always good to fall back on the maps in an emergrncy tho


I hope they are revamping the radio maps so at least they include tripods, knife sheaths, etc. because these are in very short supply as well. Maybe a multi-part map like the ultimate gear style.


They have arrived


about time :smiley:


yes the silver and bronze radio roadmaps were missing for about 16-20 days so many players levelling 5* would be feeling the pinch a little.

ive said many times on here and elsewhere, theres a chokehold on resources and gears. I have literally been on both my accounts using world refill after world refill farming stupid levels for either a leather glove on one and an ammo belt or two on the other and with me i keep statistics with what i spend and what i receive and i was almost on the verge of quitting the game after 6 refills used to get 2 leather gloves … and getting about 16 ammo belts whereas the other account was getting the opposite.

i suggest you try it, make 2 accounts and see how far your inventory gets and how tight it gets during a level up event. I am telling you 100% there is some coding going on that stops them dropping and forcing a player to play or pay more


can’t agree more with ya


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