Least Favorite 5*?


Pete. Udderly useless healer.


But still significantly better than red Clem, Caroline, Gator, Darius…


Oh yea. Forgot about Caroline.


Gator has a spot in my :heart:


Mirabelle , single handily broke the game


Yellow Christa. I don´t know if there is anything worse then her.


it is a tie between clem and caroline.


Gator. If his camo affected the whole team, he would have almost as good as camo Michonne. Before Ascension came out, he was the only 5-star I had that was only used in SR and territories. Every other one was on an attack, defense or farming team.


I dont understand why some people hate Gator? Based on his ar and specialist skill he’s supposed to be a farming toon. 106ar is ideal since it wont rush fast.


:alert: Donny.


Oberson. His only use is to identify weak teams in war


Gator is a complete garbage. 106 AR, almost useless parting shot and the fact that only THREE teammates receive an average bonus to defence and camo.
He may have some use in fights against zombies, but in raids he is VERY weak.


I believe you all have missed the theme of the post. It says least favorite 5* not most worthless.
My vote is this WHORE

I just cannot stand going up against her in raids or wars.


Blue governor he has no us anywhere on this game, ar at 106 ,low stats, 200%group and 120 bleed its pathetic even red clem does more at half the ar cost