Leashgate, Here we go again!

More issues and at the worst time possible with regards to communication. What will happen to the mission leashes? Can we tier up Marlon & Rosie after the event? Lots of questions!

With regards to the leashes, they were claimable via paw print pins which were purchasable but are now unusable for upgrading Marlon & Rosie - something of course needs to be fixed here and quickly for people who spent.

Did you purchase Paw Pins?

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Is this something new?

Or are you referring to this:

It is something new

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If so then fuck.

I don’t understand why it’s an issue, or even a gate.

A gate would only benefit a small sample of the player base, this benefits the entire player base.


I mean, that is the case.


Yeah… I don’t follow why this is an issue.

Everyone gets Marlon and Rosie, everyone gets the required amount of bandanas to fully level them.

I don’t see how this is a gate at all.

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Everyone who had leashes from the previous event you mean? I break it down pretty well in the video and show the old events and current issue.

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Because all future milestones are going to have useless paw pins instead of usuable items for the next month now :roll_eyes:


Did you even watch the video?


The last Lockdown video I watched was basically just retelling what was posted on the forums. I watched the whole thing waiting for the “Aha! Here is something new” it never came.

I mean, props on making videos and all and getting paid per click to do it! That’s fantastic.

I’ll watch this one to see if I missed something.
(Which is quite possible)

Well paw pins are useless for the ones who rushed to get the marlon. I still need a lot of paw pins to get the Marlon. so not useless for me

Lol… ok I see the issue now, changed to rotting heads.

That will be reverted back to bandanas.

Was anyone actually going to use Marlon / Rosie?

It will be the slowest upgraded toon ever for me, sit in YGL forever and maybe see tower duty.

To be honest I make that comment as of the situation 16 hours ago. I don’t know how many gates have happened since lol

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I am he is great I’m the right team

how can it be turned back to bandanas if people have 22 already, like myself? How can they remove leashes if people got them from paying.

You mean I posted information to my near 10K community so they would know what was coming up with regards to an event, changes to the game etc? Just realise my community is bigger than the forums and most of them don’t see this / don’t want to come to the forums.


Apologies for offending you, I am a subscriber.

I appreciate that you provide a service to those who don’t visit the forums and want a bite sized visual breakdown of the latest issue with the game.

I’ll just step out of this conversation with a tip o the cap :wink:


No offence taken just seems some people don’t understand how Youtube actually works and when I do I’m just like “???” :joy:


I’m old school, I always visit company sponsored forums then reddit etc…

YouTube never interested me, I’m old and cranky and impatient and the amount of ads to skip turned me off a long time ago lol

Again, nothing personal brother! Keep it up, you do have a solid fan base and it’s growing !

Each reply to this thread keeps it on top :wink:


Is this where I say “OK Boomer” like all the cool kids :rofl: I jk I jk