Learn to listen and learn to read Scopely

This 15/16 region war is the worst thing ever. Rewards aren’t even that great. Max regions warring should be 10. All this 15/16 does is make it even harder to get a ‘decent’ reward. All I see is people complaining about this. Stop. ■■■■■■■. Ignoring. Us


They still haven’t scaled rewards properly since it went to 16. If closing the gap is a primary aim then this needs to be fed back to them and then rectified. Many highly active factions (like the one I’m in) war all weekend for 1/10th of a war pull and only actually get one because of the rare Blitz or AOW that gives us 6 or 7 times what a CRW gives. Rewards need scaling for CRW (and increased tbf) and more Blitz and AOWs need to occur to make warring even worth the effort and enjoyable for most. As it stands, it’s just a chore to keep a reasonable score in the league standings.

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Pointless to play.
And the war wheel hasn’t changed.

Oh they listen and learn.
reverse it to make it a paying event or something that you have to throw money at.
This war is crap especially with the 16 regions.


why do you spend so much of your time here and playing the game if you have so much hate for it and it makes you sad i know there are problems but i do not let them consume me like you do

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He does have a very relevant point though Kook. It is one of the things that if changed, will benefit a huge proportion of the player base, increase interest in War again and help players develop their teams. It would also be a pretty simple coding change.
Of all things to complain about, this is one that could be changed the quickest and easiest, without it really affecting Scopely sales at all.


i do not fully dissagre but he can be more constructive instead of just negative and always saying personal attacks at me

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Fair, no need for personal attacks.

First off articulate proper sentence structure so one can follow your question or statement its hard to understand you.

I as like many have a love hate relationship.
I have optimistic hopes but it is fleeting.

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