Leaks! Lots and lots of leaks!


I’ll start with possible legacy ones. These are all from our trusted russian friends.



And these are all new.





A girl with a headband (Harper)

A guy with a cap

Old 5* shealds, will they ever get ascended?

Girl with the yellow headband is Harper and she comes with a stun weapon


Carley is probably the only legacy I wouldn’t mind keeping their leadership skill and AR.


Good to see Carley and Knox (not that I have the latter). Blue Maggie is weird, because they are making Blue Maggie ascendable on the current list, so releasing a separate - presumably P2W - version is a bit stupid.

Also nice to see Gabriel finally getting the six star treatment. +1 for character diversity - and he looks shit enough from what I can see to be F2P :laugh:

Red Sandy? Haven’t we already got seven ascendable red Sandys? Guess they just lost that +1 for diversity…

I’m guessing the last guy will also see a new collection launched called “Village People Tribute Act”. Pleased i’ve already got Shane for that one


I wish they would just make the blue Maggie that was supposed to be a 6* the ‘all out war’ maggie. I want her sub title to say ‘’ Maga" as in Mega Maggie because she’s maga awesome :3


Why the hell is Scopely making another p2p Red Sandy when there’s already 2 Red Sandys that are NOT ascendable yet? What the fuck is this logic?!


Its called : cash grabbing, by all means available. :dollar:


There is a blue Maggie on the list to be ascendable so that may be her


Nice names for the last 2 :joy:


Ah yes who can forget the legendary characters a guy with a cap and girl with headband.


Where’s Dwight? :frowning:


The Maggie on the ascendance list is this one:

The leaked one is a brand new toon.


why do i have a feeling when its close to December scipely will release a legacy every week and call it the gift of the Scipley


There are a whole bunch more on VK: Andrea (fast), Michelle, Solange, Camilla, Diego, Bryan, Tara (tough), Ryker, Kal (fast) and Cole. All brand new 5★ & 6★. No wonder Scopley haven’t had time to produce legacy ascendables.

Also they’ve got English translations, not that TBD is any clearer in any language…


Like the 3 star Diego or different guy?


:astonished: I don’t see any of those. I don’t know if it’s because I missed them or because I’m following a different group. Make a post?


Damn, misread was hoping for Leeks…

… Yes its a thing




Not making enough money on new premieres each week? Just cater to your playerbase already.

2 new 1 old…heck 3 new 1 old.

7 Sandy’s or more?


Why another Sandy…swap her head with 2* Christa or something…

I like all the new characters.
Even though some look quite basic.

Gabe looks rubbish…would have liked a bit more detail.

Carleys new head looks better.

That Maggie is the ascendable one. They will change the 5* to look like the new one.
Like Andrea.

Why take Rosa’s police badge…

John and Tara also look very bare bones.