LEAKS! But bad news

3 new s class.
Princess is gonna be a sclass
So is mercer (Tough)
And Mateo (Strong)
And adam (Non s class strong)
Pics are gonna be provided below (Im in school rn so dont judge the image quality.

Princess ^

Mercer (Looks like a christmas edition)

Mateo (S class tough)

Adam (Non s class toon, Probably gonna be a P2W toon.)
So my short theories are. One of those 3 s classes will be a collectible one. The other 2 will be the new museum f2p s classes. Be wary we still frost and Marlon and rosie.

So here’s mercer


Adam (5* and 6*)

So here’s the theory. Mateo or marlon will be the strong s class
Mercer or Princess will be the tough s class. Meaning the new 3 leaked s classes. One will be a new collectible or be apart of the new s class gold.

So here’s my supposed list of who’ll be on new s class f2p collectibles
Frost, mercer, princess are our runner ups.
Marlon and rosie, and Mateo. Anyway Damnit scopes. I lowkey want that mercer. Any who yeah enjoy (Once I’ll get home I’ll replace the pics with better ones)
Forgot to upload the 6*

Another runner up is angel.
Frost, Princess, Mercer, Angel
Marlon and rosie, mateo.
1 of these strongs and 3 of those toughs will be either collectible s classes. While
1 of the strong and tough might be in the new f2p collection

Who’s angel
Any screenshots

Right here.

Every toon with a shirt sucks hopefully it’s the the free one

My top hope is
Princess or mercer.
(I lowkey hop scopes make mercer f2p s class cause he got a stun gun)
Mateo, marlon and rosie.
(Im probably gonna pick ranged unless I hear otherwise)

Honestly its gonna be a tough choice but I do have Christa and s class priya so I might just go for the tough toon

That stun will be useful as fuck for me. Attack and stun is good. I hope scopely wont end up pulling a james and buffing the s class strong toon making them op.

I can guarantee Mercer is a p2p and will be dropping before war lol trust me

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Sadly that’s the reality. He’ll either be in it 00.1% or he’ll be made as a collectible s class. I hope scopes won’t pull this shit. They buffed james after he was released. So They’ll probably either give us
A. 1 assigned wep tough and a unassigned strong.
B. 1 assigned wep strong and a unassigned tough
Or C both unassigned weapon toons.

I guess I’m gonna puke. Mercer and Princess look weird and terrible and all the Others are once again f*cking Randoms


So it looks like a blue and a green because I highly doubt it will be 2 blues

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Could you please design some alternate skins for christmas toons? They make my eyes sick

I didnt say that
I just posted all tough toons gave my theory. On who’ll be a collectible or who’ll be in the f2p collection.
Frost, princess, angel, mercer
Mateo, Marlon and rosie. 3 and 1 strong will be made into collectibles. While 1 of those will be chosen for f2p collection. I want that ■■■■■■■ mercer. I need a stun gun

Angel, Mateo, Adam are brand new leaks. Idk if they were in the leaks with daiyu, slater, kyle, and others. I think scopely is just making up 6* now. Cause comics and zhu book released. Unless it’s a new book or some shit.

Oh I know that’s just what I think is going to happen

What the fudge is up with Adam?

He damages “up to one enemy”. That just sounds like some Sergio RNG bullshit right there.

And then he only revives on the defence team? Apart from how shit that is, it’s kinda worrying if there is a trend on that.

“Deal 50% damage to two enemies when on attack. Deal 5000% damage to a group of enemies on defence”.

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