Leagues where are you hiding?


Mid week? its thursday its mid week…? si or no?
Again idm when it starts… my “brother” is playing.

Are we get leages before war?

They are waiting till Friday as I said so that way they can cancel the only event that’s worthwhile on this terrible game


At this point, they should wait until Monday before messing up the game. This way we can at least get a war in rather then them canceling it on us which is exactly what will happen if they do release it this week.

To answer your question Wednesday is considered the middle of the week.


Hope your brother is having fun with this game :joy:


They have already answered this in the other MANY threads talking about leagues… Stop making new ones :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:.

They are waiting for approval from Apple on the update.


I don’t even have the update yet I’m on iOS other iOS players don’t have it yet either They can’t start it til everyone has it


Let’s make a post about it everyday because it’s so hard to just wait


I already received the update on android but my Iphone still hasn’t gotten it so they have to wait to make it live.


You most likely refer to the 14.0.2 Beta update, while the public patch will be made available later.

Indeed, we are waiting on the update to be approved by the platforms, before we can push it to all players.

We’ll have further details about this when everything is green lit and good to go.


Okay that explains why i only got it on my Android. Thanks for the update JB.


could this mean later on in the day? :thinking:


Jb did say they were waiting for apple to approve in another post. So i would think we can expect it sometime in the next 24 hrs. (Fingers crossed)


I heard leagues is hiding behind the gold radio


Can you say yes scopes pls?(1st part)


Just wait for the update
there are a thousand posts like this already


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