Leagues when is it going to be live?


I’m just wondering if the leagues are live? I remember seeing a post saying it would be from the 10th? But I’ve rebooted my phone etc and still no sign of it some of the guys in my faction have an update waiting but I do not

14.0 update..leauges

they said its coming out this week, so maybe tonight? maybe before War, maybe afterwards, who knows


i visit the leaks site very often, so i see anything i`ll let you know


Cheers buddy I appreciate it



the League have been gone from beta for 2 days, so we`re not testing shit right now


That was posted Thursday or Friday of last week. I posted it here to show the target of mid week for the week of Sept 10, not ON Sept 10.


I just received the update with the new leagues feature in the description, so my guess is it is rolling out today


The big uptades come shortly before war, so that everything can go fubar and war can be cancelled and seven level ups along with thirty survival roads can be put in its place :smiley:

So by this scenario leagues will go live right before this weekend.


Why keep making posts about it? They are going to force an update to everyone before they go live so just wait.


When is the update launching SCOPELY said this week but no further info




The target is midweek, however the 14.0 is already out for Amazon store users, does no include leagues at the moment from what I can tell


Ok thanks


Why not wait for it to drop? or would you prefer to make 10 more posts about it


It’s out…


Ik I have just got it but literally. What’s changed? Lol


Not for me dawg


Why not wait for it to drop? All these posts are not necessary


Because I want a better idea I want to know thanks