Leagues Update?


Just wondering when this comes out. Joined the beta google plus, but decided not to do it because my main device is an iPhone. My android and its stupid self auto updated without me telling it to, so now I locked myself out lmao.


at least a few weeks, maybe a month. I`ve played on beta and the system looks pretty fleshed out, not much that needed to be worked on, so i hope its going live soon


I would hope it goes live soon, pretty good feature imo.


From messing around with it in the beta the best feature is that level up’s have nothing to do with it. Thank God!

Worst feature is that buggy territories do play a part. It’s going to be a nightmare to try and hold a spot plus people will just be sending spots to zombies all the time for points and to force people to waste attacks clearing them out. The zombies do not add to your point total only humans.

Overall it looks interesting and basically is just adding rewards for things we do in the game already. I do want to see the actual league store prices for items and toons. Something tells me they are going to be way overpriced like everything else in the game.


Where is the beta region? Asking for someone on my faction who always sign up for beta but don’t know which region is the latest one.


And what will happen if we switched factions? Is the league placements individual or faction based?


There are 2 separate leaderboards. Faction and solo. There is a 2 hour cooldown on the leagues so far in beta but it’ll probably be longer when it gets implemented


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