League's Tara not using active skill when on defense

Doing multiple tests through friendly duels against league’s Tara when she is on someone’s defensive team and she is rarely if ever using her active skill. If it is available turn 2 like it is supposed to be, why wouldn’t the computer ai use it over a regular attack??? Is this a bug or just a computer ai issue?

It’s actually available turn 1. Maybe the AI values gaining AP first, idk

Doing multiple duels and purposely leaving her alive the earliest I have seen her use it was turn 6 and most times she doesn’t use it at all. Meanwhile toons like Gabriel and league Sandy seem to use their actives as soon as they are available assuming their rush isn’t ready. Something seems wrong with Tara’s active skill when on defense.

I rarely see any characters use their active skills on defence.


Leagues Sandy uses hers on attack when nobody needs revived on auto :thinking:

That’s because it’s a Revive and Taunt. There are two reasons she might use it, the latter still being useful in situations where she still has four team mates still standing…

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Yeah true. Just feels like a waste. Shows why you shouldn’t always auto :stuck_out_tongue:

Rng working as intended keep surviving

That’s cause she taunt.

Faced her twice in war after reading here and in chats that she never used her active on defense. Twice she used active T1 against me :neutral_face:.

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