Leagues - Seeding phase - Beware with transfers


For people transfering regions now, be aware that the biggest scoring event for the seeding phase was the AOW, and that you don’t transfer the faction points you got to a new region, so your faction will probably start at Bronze rank in the new region.

Also, be aware that promotion/demotion during streches are limited to 1 rank/strech, so going from Bronze 4 to Diamond 1 league can literally take months of ladder progression hell

Season 2 won’t have a seeding phase, so your faction league starting rank will be your final ranking in Season 1.


so thats how scopes intended to mitigate the frequent transfers. interesting. seems you need good faction placement to get these exclusive season cards. frequently moving nullifies the accumulation of points. well atleast this is how i took it.


Probably, but few ppl are aware of that and are mass transfering after AOW, the event that gave the most points for the seeding phase. If they dont care about leagues theres no harm, but if they do, its not a smart move


Yeah this whole system sucks. Even if you wait til after the seeding completes, it’s likely we lose all progress.

We need factions to be movable especially with the flee mentality currently happening completely destroying any sense of competition.

FYI you screenshot is broken


Adding the possibility to move the full faction as a whole to keep the league score progress would be a very nice solution


Well, if factions want to move out to take over dead region because they don’t like competition, that’s on their own willing to have everything reset, so I do see a point of having this reset


When you did this comment, did you also think about factions switching server because they are in a nearly dead region and switch to increase competition?
I also thought about the effect of transfer to league scoring and the effect to faction points. If the effect is really as stated here, then the whole league system must be reworked to take into account the transfer option.


In the scenario they were in a dead region, their milestones would have kept being low due to the inactivity/not being able to compete during the whole weekend.

The scenario you’re mentioning is the 0.1% of normal people that want competition, not the whiners that thought transferring somewhere to “take over a region” and found tougher people than them.


I’m pretty sure this scenario: “a complete faction is looking for a better/ different competition”
is not such an unrealistic scenario. E.g. the faction i’m in is very active and we could achieve a good rank in our liga. But we see, that compared to other factions with comparable strength and effort achieved higher ranking because of a much more active server. As liga ranking is not just a ego boost like the former raid ranking, but leeds to better rewards etc. we have to think about moving to a more active server, even if this means lower ranking in the events itself.
There are possibly much more factions that want to switch server because of different reasons, that are lets say top 20 of the server, where a reset of liga ranking would mean a significant loss of liga rewards.
Of course some of all moving factions also switch servers, want to jump up in the server ranking, but only a minority wants to do these significant increases in ranking, that you are implying.

Fact is, if the assumption in this post is true all factions, that want to move have to trade between achieving their goal and loosing potentially the achieved liga rank and reward income or keep liga rank and be stuck on the actual server.

@JB.Scopely as the liga feature is very new. Can you give some clarification. If a new faction is created (either on the same or a different server) by players that are already in a higher liga ranking. How is the rank of the new faction set and how long will it take to achieve the former status.


Like our region. Only 3 og facs left in the top 10 and we destroyed all of the newcomers in the AOW. Then two more factions came in Monday. One’s full of p12’s and at least 6 p13’s.

I find most people are moving not because their region was dead but because they think they can be #1 by finding an easier region. It’s pathetic.

Now if you want to finish top 200 in a solo you have to burn resources or God forbid spend real money. This is exactly what scopely wanted. Expect them to start closing the low pop regions and eventually force everyone to cluster into a few dozen regions to increase spending even more.


That’s exactly what I meant.

We had a whole fac moving to our region thinking they would take over.
As a matter of fact after being destroyed in AOW by our OG facs, they just decided to go away because they surely couldn’t stand being against better people.

I’m actually happy it resets everything and it should stays the same, if you don’t want to grow and be competitive, you shouldn’t get assigned rewards.


:rofl: Nice. Made them pay for a transfer. :+1:


What your not considering is that factions fleeing can cause the region go from active to empty. The competitive faction gets screwed by being locked or giving up their progress in order to relocate to a more active space that allows them to queue enough wars to place reasonably well.

You’ve only considered the opposite which is where a faction moves to take over however the opposite is true as well.


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