Leagues Season 9 Leaks

Leagues Season 9 is on the way and some leaks of the characters involved have come out, while these can still change its always nice to take a look at what is to come!

Unfortunately in the season store, for the second season in a row, there will be nothing S Class related up for grabs. I would love to see 40 claimable 50 collection item boxes, which is basically one 5* Ascendble, in future season stores for 625 Season Tokens (25K ÷ 40).

What character is the best in Leagues Season 9 Store?

  • Abel
  • Maggie
  • Jiafeng
  • Priya
  • Tyreese
  • Negan

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Last Chance for Moira, did you pick here up?

  • Yes
  • No

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Picking up Jiafang. The rest is garbage. Such disappointment as usual :-1::-1:
Not surprised at this point though tbh.
2 seasons we’ve been asking for S class items. Nope nothing.
I’d even take those gear/trainer bags over that crap. Smh


120k season tokens. Will be using 0…again.

Picking up Jiafeng. She’ll go great with James. As for Abel, I was thinking about getting him. But I figure I could just pick up that Headhunter guy, put crosshairs on someone, have Princess use her active, and pop off.

Jiafeng for real? I can’t believe they will give a super OP toon for free


Why not use? Buy the 5* toons and use them to ascend others more valuable

I’ve already got 50 5stars for that if needed for level up points. I’ll get my 2nd Priya today so I’ll need 8 of them for her. But unless I get another s-class toon, I won’t be ascending anyone…

Just shows how out of touch they are with the game. Why would anyone buy the five stars? There are no more legacies. Plus you can get a million five star fodder by using basic tokens.

Maggie is a good toon but WAY too common for most of the player base.

Jiafeng is a nice pickup even though the bleed meta is now a bit slower than the meta. Not gonna harp on that one. She’s good.

Abel… he’s just a disaster. I can’t imagine him fitting on anyone’s team unless you are super casual f2p. There have been so many tough characters released recently. Six star princess is so much more valuable than him.

All in all, a brutal season store. Especially after making last season longer. Not one of the new features in the game is included in the season store!!

No armory tokens
No five star weapons
No platinum mods
No S class character
No S class collectibles

If you are going to reset the top of the game, please reset the other features in the game.


Fits my team perfectly so I will be picking her up too

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Picking up most :smile: minus Ty, Negan

Oh Jiafeng is the best in there and one of the most deadly 6*s out there, will be so awesome with Angel :raised_hands:

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Yea seriously why even put the 5*s in there anymore what a useless waste of slots could’ve easily put mods, s class collectibles and trainer bags instead


You should know all this already as its been brought up 2 seasons ago.
But just for shits and giggles “take it to the team” (again) please
Thanks TWD RTS community.


I am teaming her up with James and Raulito which soon will be s-class

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Good for newer players. I guess Jiafeng is a bone thrown to the vets, honestly surprised to see her. Everyone will get her. Not the most exciting season store though. Who knows, maybe they will throw some bags of shards/gear trainers in too. We don’t know

I am going to go and grab Abel, I like the look of that Recover Bleed, not so much for raids, but there are a few survival road stages where it can become an issue.
Already have Maggie - don’t need/want a second one
Jaifeng - maybe, if i do it will be later in the season, I have a lot of bleeds and laceraters, the jury for me is still out here.
Priya - yip dont have her, will grab her straight away.
The other 2 I already have, not going to dent my season token supply much here.


So what’s the point of league tokens again👎

Defo need a none of them in the pole :yum:

completely useless garbage

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My thoughts exactly! With how well angels exhaust and trauma are popping off. Jaifeng is deff going to be in my wheel house. Lol.

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She’s going to be amazing on SR. Put in Magna, her, and three to keep Magna alive (like Erika, red Zeke, Hershel), should be easy and fast auto on most stages even at daily level 470+/hard mode tournaments.

Will probably also grab Abel (why not) and 5* Priya (citizens are easy to level up). Might get Maggie a bit later for Old school arena, ascended the one I already had. Have plenty of the others and too many leaders and rebels to level up already, easy skip.