Leagues Season 8 Update [10/28]

Greetings Survivors,

With Season 7 of Leagues coming to an end we wanted to let you know about what to expect from Season 8. The main update with Season 8, in addition to the League Stores update below, is that Season 8 will be 11 weeks long instead of 8.

Season 8 Timeline

  • Start: 10/28/2019 12 pm PST
  • Duration: 11 weeks
  • End: 1/13/2020 11 pm PST

Season 8 Store Update

Below are the Season 8 fighters coming to the Season Store:

Moira “Road to Survival” #1

  • 5* Ascendable Bruce

  • 5* Ascendable Zander

  • 5* Rosita

  • 5* Carl

  • 5* Jesus

Note: As before, the trainer crate gift to platinum and diamond players will be available to claim for free in the league store.


Thank you so much for listening to the players you guys are so amazing.


Thank you for putting decent toons in there. Big help. And 11 weeks may end up being a good thing. Easier to save up for next or for miora. Whichever. I grabbed Zander and rosita. Now I’m after Carl, Bruce and Miora. At least ill have time. :slight_smile:


Thank you for putting usefull toons into this season store. Keep it up.

Best thing is 5* Carl , ooooh I used to love that Carl .
Even though he’s only a 5 * I still love him very much .
I wish we could see him ascendable soon . I know I am dreaming but I am very grateful for him


Sorry, but the 5* are really disapointing. None of them are needed for any Collections and 2 of the 3 are also pretty common.

It would be Nice if Feedback and Suggestions would atleast be taken by 5*. I mean, what kind of gap should they still break?

Also it’s really disapointing that No S-Class Items where added, despite the fact they would be a great addition and everyone had a use for them, unlike Walker Energy for Example.


12 weeks is fine, but you could have extended the milestones. I finished the milestones almost 3 weeks ago, made me feel like I was working towards nothing.


So milestones haven’t been adjusted energy refills or s class items still haven’t been introduced like people have been asking for and technically the trainer box isn’t free it’s cost 1 :joy::joy:


We need more things in the store to buy. Could have easily added some bags with S class collectibles. You know, the new meta? How could your season store not include ANYTHING related to s class?

In 12 weeks there will be another 6 S class toons out.


Moira needs league store gear??

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why is she still '‘rts’ # 2 ? also why 11 weeks ? seems to long


Also i like the neuralize theme 3/6 are neuralize.


So that they can take Christmas and New Year off.


Really, really disappointed in this leagues, just like last one.
It’s now extra long and didn’t offer anything to the actual true meta, S class.


I mean the toons are actually pretty nice this time around I picked up Moira and Zander and would’ve gotten BAC if I didn’t already have him but I agree there should’ve been bags with s class collectibles or even the trainer bags to help level our s classes

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11 weeks is long as fock.


Great now can you fix the broken choice boxes that have been broken since Friday on the Michonne Blessing Wheel?

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11 weeks and no extra toon, platinum mod or even collectables etc :smirk::smirk:

The toons are nice. But like in 11 weeks we will be facing full s class teams. Don’t see why we couldn’t get thrown a bone with some collectibles to purchase.

And at least 1 platinum mod would have been lovely. Or upgrade the mystery boxes… idk


I got all 3 ascendables and that 5* Carl, i have that Rosita and Jesus already and i have 30k tokens left over, 3 months of saving up for next season… I hope we get some more good toons but please either make the exclusive an s-class toon or also give us choice crates with s-class items. S-class is the meta now, this is a roster reset, while i think these toons are great, they simply are not s-class. You have 3 months to work on this, 3 months to make an s-class exclusive toon or s-class items and to make a really bad ass 6* like Zach level, Dr stevens level toons at the very least. Also weapons for the exclusive toon like how we had for Zeke and Mira in season 1 would be cool to have again. If you can put out 2 promos and 2 s-class toons a month, you can sure as hell make more legacy and leagues toons but please… MAKE THEM META RELEVENT! 6* are done, s-class is the future but some 6* will have some use still for awhile. Most players are going to complain no matter what, this isnt me complaining, this is feedback which is what you ask for so please take it to the team, imo this was a good set of toons for leagues tho. :+1:

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To the PC members also.
@LadyGeek @Brucey @Parker

To the shot caller of RTS as well.