Leagues Season 7 - A Review

Hello Survivors, today I’m gonna be going over this season and what I think of it, ready?


  • Pros
    ** Indomitable is a specialist I don’t see much in the F2P community.
    ** She’s a comic book character, I really hope Scopely puts time and effort into making characters from the comic instead of making their own.
  • Cons
    ** Her adrenaline rush is a bit of a mess, there’s no clear focus here at all. Having damage on a character with such a low attack stat is a waste, and it seems Scopely wants her to hit somewhat, so this is really confusing. -20 AP is pretty underwhelming, and can be regained very easily, it’s basically being impaired until another character hits you. Elusive is nice but this doesn’t come even close to being as useful as a toon like Raven.
    ** Her stats also seem to lack focus, what is this character really meant to do? Nothing they offer really excels and the character seems to be a really bad jack of all trades.
    ** I didn’t want to put this as a con at first, but her AS is pretty average, nothing of note.

Character Rating: 4/10
Should you buy this character?: No!


  • Pros
    ** Good leader skill, though her release makes the nerf of Jackson absolutely redundant, I’d suggest Scopely buff his leader skill to cover Huge AP.
    ** Good active skill, though it’s a bit generic.
    ** Good AR, though it has flaws.
  • Cons
    ** Focus for only 1 turn is actually really useless if you think about it, since at the start of your turn taunted/confused characters will instantly take their actions. A huge oversight with this part of the adrenaline rush.

Character Rating: 9/10
Should you buy this character?: Yes!!!

Rick "15th Anniversary"

  • Pros
    **Lacerator is an excellent specialist skill, if the character has the kit for it.
    **Good adrenaline rush, 940 maim, bleed and heal reduction is nice, though there is flaws to this AR.
    **Active skill is… Passable.
    **Weapon’s 3rd slot is good off the bat, much less Confuse Resist mods out there.
  • Cons
    **Rick’s AR focus has the same problem as Camilla’s, being only 1 turn and all, his maim is nowhere near as good as what Zach does and heal reduction feels like a waste if it isn’t 100%

Character Rating: 7/10
Should you buy this character?: Yes, but get Camila first!

**Feels weird that she’s given when she isn’t in a collection. I’d hold onto her, she might be a future ascendable.

**Pick this man up if you don’t have him yet, as he completes a couple of collections.

We don’t know who this is, I’ll update this when I find out.

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Stephanie has the great honor of being the last character to die in the comics


Camilla focus is used to get around shield and teams I use on it works well as they all rush either turn 2 or 3 together depending on set up.

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She didn’t even die on screen and it technically didn’t even happen in the issue, lol

I really believe Scopely needs to change confuse/taunt to where they don’t active until you tap that character’s icon.

Someone hacked you usually its
One word and one word only from you and thats the word Shit

Stephanie has a wig instead of actual hair btw.

Yo don’t be diising on eugenes gf brudaah
It’s not like he was ever gonna satisfy rosita
So he gotta settle with this

The last character known to have died, I keep wondering wth happened to Dante

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Stephanie is a free toon, if course she is garbage.

Scopley’s way is to make ‘em pay!

Probs killed by hersh junior

Not sure how somebody can create a review of any value when you didn’t have access to the toon or even the season itself. Ridiculous.

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Romanov was awful when leaked, and he was awful in our hands.

Focus really doesnt need a buff

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