Leagues Season 5 - Updates and Changes


Greetings Survivors,

Season 5 of Leagues begins Monday, May 13, and with it comes a number of important changes.

League Store Updates

We’re making much of the gear found in the League Store available to more players:

  1. All Items that were available in the Silver League Store in Season 4 are now being moved to the Bronze Store, with the exception of the Silver League Mod Box

  2. Many of the items that were available in the Gold League Store in Season 4 are now being moved to the Silver League Store

    1. Letterman Jackets, Baseball Caps, Horde Refills, and Gold League Mod Box will continue to be available in the Gold League Store
  3. Many of the items available in the Platinum League Store in Season 4 are now being moved to the Gold Store. Canteen,

    1. GPS, Polishing Kit, and the Platinum League Mod Box will continue to be available in the Platinum League Store
  4. Prices in the League Store will remain the same

Season Store Updates

  1. Two 5-Star Ascendables will be available in the Season Store this Season, one of which will be a Season Exclusive.
  2. A new League Season Bag has been added to the Season Store, containing high value items.
  3. Three non-Ascendable 5-Stars will continue to be available.

League Structure Changes

In an effort to streamline the overall league structure and give players a clearer path to growing their status in Leagues, we’re making changes to division structure and how demotion are applied. Specifically:

  1. Bronze League will now have 1 division
  2. Silver League will now have 2 divisions
  3. Gold League will now have 3 divisions
  4. Platinum & Diamond will stay the same at 5 divisions
  5. There will be no longer be demotions at all league levels that are below Platinum 1

Regionmates in Leagues

Currently, at the start of each week, players are randomly sorted within their League Division. This is why every week you see different players from all over the world in your League. Starting later this Season, we will be rolling out a change that will prioritize placing players from the same Region into the same League, provided they are in the same Division. We hope that seeing more familiar faces each week will make competition more meaningful! This change will not be in effect during the Qualification Week, but look for it to be enabled later in the Season.

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So what’s the bag?


So looks like rather than having 2 season exclusive 5*s, we only get 1. Not a lot of appealing things players can spend their league points on…

Guess Leon is the 5* exclusive for next season.


So only 2 ascendables instead of three? What about the f2p who thrive for those characters?


I’m looking forward to it. :+1:




Hopefully that second league character will be worth.


What a big pile of shit. Nothing at all appealing. Thanks for taking away a toon!

It also seems like you took away even more coins from the lower leagues…


How bland and uninteresting.


it’s truly hard to Fathom how you guys think taking an ascendable out of the league store is an improvement. I mean, really!?


Hi, isn’t 4 divisions at each league!

and hell why u didn’t change the number of divisions earlier.
we started at the end of season 3 with our new fac… number one since day one btw… and we’re currently plat 2 :frowning: with this new change we would hv reached diamond IV where we should be

anything u can do?


Hope it’s good


I believe hey are talking about solo leagues.


So I see Scopely didn’t acknowledge the fact that players want more ranks to get coins in leagues.


Great job putting coins ba… oh no nevermind. Roll on Season 6!


it is a shame. really

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If Leon is promo standard i’ll be okay with minus 1 exclusive league 6*. Obviously, this will not be the case. Thanks Scopley. Can you guys ever do anything right?




shitty update. what a shame.