Leagues Season 4 is Coming!


The recent bugfix gave me a huge league token buff, so I will see who is worth spending for.


Will the store completely reset when the gear doubles? Like if i bought 3 items and 3 remain will it go back to 12 or to 9 or stay at 3? And if it is on cooldown will those also reset? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


This is what I complained about. I suspect the answer is no, the cooldown will not start until you buy them all.


We both know it won’t so unless you’re prepared to buy all 12 at once it negates the entire point of doubling up the available amount otherwise you just hurt yourself down the line. It’s why I bought all 6 caps even though I only needed 4 to max out the toon this week just to start the timer.

Scipleys plan of action: One step forward, get lost, spin around in a circle for an hour or so, get tired and take a nap, and finally take 10 steps backward and keep surviving. :wink:


Can you give players 1 day and make all past league toons available for purchase again?

Just 1 day at the end of each season, especially for new players who joined after leagues started. Cmon!


We need more coin availability @GR.Scopely . It will definitely cause people to play more.


Tptally agree


They could have reinstated coins for all with season 4.

They didn’t. They won’t.


@GR.Scopely any reward for diamond?


you know what … whatever…


The trainer bag is the reward for platinum and diamond players


So what you’re saying is…
Sieze the means of promotion!
Redistribute the wealth!

I like it. :smirk:



Lower the Cost of Gear in Shop…

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